Thursday, April 13, 2017

Mr Joe Juice

Mr Joe Juice On the dark and mysterious Hook’s Island, was Mr Joe in his creepy forest, in his lonely, lonely web, which laid at the bottom of the broken tree, where the rats and the animals remain. He has lived in that terrible caught up web for his whole life. It is always dark and no other spider dares to go there except for Joe. The closest spider was 500 islands away which was way more than 950,000 miles away. One day, the day had come and that day was that Mr Joe Juice was going on a mission to go and find himself a friend, a spider friend. He thought it would be easy, but then he rethought the part where he had to make it through a whole forest of bad, where the danger and dark was.... when he was on the way to look for a friend he got up to the creepy troll bridge. When he was walking over the bridge slowly and quietly, all you could hear was, “Crunch!” “Crunch!” “Yes,” he said, he was nearly to the end of the bridge so he ran all the way there . . . “Stop!” said the ugly troll when he was picking his nose. “No!” said Mr Joe. Then the troll ran after him. “You can’t catch me because I'm Mr Joe Juice,” he said, so he ran all the way to the end of the bridge . . . “Nooooo!” said the ugly troll, so Mr Joe was on his way to find a friend. “Rrrrrrrr!” his tummy grumbled, oh no I'm so hungry he mumbled. “Ooooooooo” “Look it’s some blue berries.” “Yum, yum,” so he ran up to them and started to eat them. “This is great,” said Joe. “Brrrrrr,” said his tummy. “This can’t be good,” said Joe, Pop! Pop! “Oh no there’s BIG! BIG! Bumps on me”. Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop. BOOM! It keeped going till he was a big bouncy ball. (I don’t think he knows what poison berries are, back to the story). “Oh No!” said Joe. So when he got as big as a bouncy ball he just started rolling around the place. He started singing, “ Just get back up again.” He rolled all the way to the edge of a cliff and fell all the way down into a really really BIG Spider web. “” “Oh no!” said Joe, I’m stuck in this web this is bad this is really really bad. What am I going to do. Come on think, think before the the spider comes back. “Mmmmmmm.” “I wonder what’s for lunch?” said the spider. “Oh no!” the spider looked at his food. “Hey you're not a fly, what’s your name?” “Mr Joe Juice, like the juice you drink,” he shivered as he was saying. “That's a fancy name,” he said. “Do you know why that’s a fancy name?” “Because that's my name, Mr JoJo Juice.” “Oooooo we must be brothers,” “Oh my god, that’s so cool. I never thought I’d have a brother in my whole life!” “Yay!” “I know when we are babies we all got separated all over the world, so there’s more of us.” “Yup thousands, Cool! So what are you doing here little brother?” “I’m on a mission to find a friend.” “Because this is my first time out of the tree that I have lived in my whole life,” “The top of the tree where we can spot the good flies,” “Also where the sun reaches to use.” “It’s not my fault I woke up by myself at the bottom of a old dead tree in a dark dark forest where all of the scary creatures,” “Are in a place that is to be known as Hook’s Island.” “Ok ok” “I’m sorry that my little brother was so lonely but I’m here now.” “ So what do you want me to do for you aaaaa. . . I know” “Could you please help me find a friend,” begged Joe, Ok thank you let me get my things first ok just wait right ok. Ok I’m ready let’s go ah . . . “Hello? Hello?” “ Where did you go oh man I didn’t even get to say bye oh well,” “I wonder where he went.” (But guess what he walked off because he heard a voice and he started to follow it back to the story,) “Where am I,” To be continued . . .
I have been working on a presentation, it’s about our narrative story. Also it was my first time using screencastify on my presentation, I was also using descriptive writing, I was working on my speech marks and ellipses. I need to work on my speech marks, and I think I have achieved ellipses.

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