Friday, June 23, 2017

Recount Making Ice Cream!

On Friday Te Ngahere made nice ice cream, because we had 100% right in our Learning Plans. Then on Monday we had to write a recount about how we made the ice cream. We worked in pairs and I worked with Lesane.

Monday 19th June 2017

WALT: Semicolons, Adjectives, Adverbs and Metaphors.


Last Week on Friday Te Ngahere made some cold vanilla ice cream.
Also we had to have buddies and my buddy was Lesane.

First you: put one cup of cream into the bag we had to get a little plastic bag and then you have to put two scoop falls of sugar into the plastic bag, then you put ½ a teaspoon of vanilla escents into the bag then you put the bag down.  Next you get a bigger plastic bag and put some ice into the bag then put 6 scoops of salt into the bag now you put the little bag into the big plastic bag. (Make sure you close the little bag up or you will have salty and ice cream.) Now you go outside and shake it all up until it gets hard, when that is done you take the little bag out of the big bag and tip the ice out of the bag and chuck it into the rubbish then go and put it  into the fridge now for a little bit.

Now we are cleaning up the classroom getting ready to eat Ice Cream (YUM!)
We all went outside and sat down, Brodi and Alexis came and gave us all of our Ice cream bags. Then we got given success to cut a little bit by the corner so we can eat it. When Lesane gave me the ice cream bag it was so cold and salty but YUM! When I was eating the ice cream it was soft ice.

At the end of eating my Ice cream we did a big clean up in the class and a little bit outside getting ready for assembly.

The End!

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